How to efficiently promote your YouTube video?

Today, YouTube is said to be the second most visited site on the internet, within 1.9+ billion active monthly users. Marketing is a must for a digital marketer to make his content viral.
But, how can you make the most out of this fast-growing platform? Marketing and advertising offer lots of paid ways to promote your channel, it isn’t the only option.
Below are a few tactics that would strongly help you in efficiently promoting your video on YouTube:


An amazing YouTube channel starts with amazing SEO. And an amazing SEO starts with comprehending what the users are exactly searching for.
It perhaps turns out, people not only look for videos on YouTube, but they also use google to search for videos as well. According to a survey conducted in the year 2018, YouTube is the second most popular word search on the google search engine.
You can find a google-friendly keyword for any video:
– Optimize Google ads keyword planner for identifying keywords
– Google one of your options
– Optimize SEO


The title plays an important role in promoting your video as it is the first thing users see in order to find your content. Catchy ones might be caught at the earliest.
We would prefer you to keep your video title short & sweet. It should definitely include more than half of your keywords.


Thumbnails signify more than the title. That’s because we, as an audience, find visuals really appealing. We process them in less than 3 seconds.
YouTube generates automatic thumbnails for every video. There’s a possibility for the videos being blurry or out of focus. To boost engagement on the video, you must create a visually appealing customized thumbnail.


YouTube provides amazing tutorials on how to write effective descriptions for videos.
Here are a few tips:
-Front-load your keywords in the description & title
– Prefer 5000- characters limit
– Create a “contents page”
– Add links to the appropriate playlists
– Add appropriate hashtags


YouTube’s metadata guidelines emphasize on two things when it comes to utilizing keywords- Honesty & quality. These two regulations must be applied while optimizing features such as tags and categories. It is only included under the “tags section” of the upload (the description).


Engagements don’t end at content creation. If you want to attract new viewers, you need to interact with the existing ones first. You can interact with your followers through viewer’s comments, like your favorite ones or optimize analytics to recognize and appreciate your top followers.


Q & As are one of the effective ways of engaging with your fans & followers for building a community. You can ask your fans & followers or subscribers to leave a comment or email or tweet their expectations. Paying qualitative attention towards your subscribers and viewers would boost your number of views, watch time & engagements as well.


YouTube is the most popular platform for live streaming. Optimize the feature in conveying creating content that swiftly engages with the customers. Conduct Q&As, webinars, live stream an event, etc.
Upload a few timeless videos that your subscribers would return back to. Evergreen content that would attract more viewers include DIYs, Stat collections, etc. Evergreen content has been proven to increase traffics and boost SEO.


YouTube analytics are powerful and can be used wisely.
You can track deep into your data and comprehend your audience or viewers at a deeper level.
The above-listed ways would truly help you in promoting your YouTube video and effectively communicate your brand’s message with the audience.