7 Most Engaging Types of Video Marketing that Every Marketer must know

Video marketing is an important element of brand strategy. Video marketing is vital on every platform and channel for the online prosperity of a brand.
Video marketing has become the heart of any campaign, especially the social media strategy of your brand. Videos dominate social media. According to a survey, 4 of 6 top channels on which the audience watches videos is social media. Facebook has predicted that within a few years, it will be all video.
Videos are versatile as a sales tool for every sort of demographics. Below is a list of few kinds of marketing videos that would definitely prove to be effective for your brand:
  1. Demo Videos 

Demo videos work the best for the introduction or for showcasing how your product actually works. Demo videos assist viewers in knowing the actual optimization, unboxing of your product.
  1. Brand Videos 

Brand videos are basically advertisement videos that showcase the quality and reachability of the brand. Brand videos define the brand’s purpose, the mission for producing a certain product or service. The motto of a brand video is to build awareness around your business and to attract the target audience.

Event videos are best suitable for conducting an event or publishing highlights of it. For example, a conference, launch event, hosting, release interviews, presentations, gatherings, etc.
  1. DIY Videos

DIY or educational videos are used to teach the viewers some foundational knowledge or art & craft videos for the viewers to optimize stationary and make something cool out of it which can be used in day-to-day life.
  1. Explainer Videos 

Explainer videos are produced to help your audience in understanding the purpose of your product or service. Explainer videos concentrate on the general problems faced by consumers and how their product can help them eradicate it.
  1. Animated Videos 

Animated videos provide strong visuals. It has proven to be a great format for concepts that are tough to understand. The preference for animated videos has increased over the years.
  1. Personalized Messages 

Videos that are created in a creative way of responding to someone through email or text (gif). These tiny videos create a pleasant, distinctive moment for your projections.