Generating leads for a business is vital for its survival. Increasing leads lead to increasing chances of potential customers that eventually fuels the sales for your business. According to a survey, around 70% of marketers say that conversion of leads is their top priority. But are the leads that you’re generating getting efficiently converted?
If the answer’s negative, it’s probably because you’re not generating qualitative leads. You are wanting to focus on attractive qualitative leads as they become you’re paying customers. But how do you do it? One cannot spend their major chunk of time questioning each visitor of your website. Here are a few methods of generating qualitative leads for your brand:
According to a survey, around 70% of people who visit your website never return again. That’s a huge number of potential customers that you miss out on. So, what is the solution for letting your visitors re-visit without abandoning you? An exit-intent popup.
An exit-intent popup tracks your user’s intentions and steps on your website and sends them a target message to register on your website,
It is preferred to generate mass content like blog posts to attract customers is preferred to generate mass content like blog posts on your website. The surety of those visitors be of high quality is assumingly less. You can segregate your audience and their intention by their choice of reading blogs. A content upgrade is simply a compliment that you offer your visitors for a sign up! When a user says yes to your content upgrade, you just earn a new potential consumer for your brand.
You can perhaps optimize various online post-making websites or softwares for creating appealing posts such as checklists, templates, calendars for your visitors.
Want to widen your reach and attract huge leads?
Another simple way to do so is to guest post on qualitative publications. By guest posting on well-known blogs and publications, you’ll be able to expose your brand to potential leads and customers. The fact alone that you’ve booked a seat on a blog that the new audience adores is enough to convince them that your brand has a potential of leading the industry.
Wondering how do you book a spot for guest posting? Firstly, look for well-known blogs that matches your niche. Observe and study their blogs. Later, send them a mail- an application for a feature or for your guest post. If the blog site approves your application, your brand would be guest posted in it.
An easy contact form at the end of your website isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s perhaps, a strong and powerful website element that has a potential of generating high quality leads for your brand. Merely adding your email address and phone number to your website requires the users to go through an extra step in order to get touch with you. The visitors would ignore your website. Instead, visitors look for an easy & a convenient way to contact you. Visitors who fill the form to come in contact with you can be labelled under as a qualitative lead as they seem genuinely interested to reach out.
Are you wanting to generate qualitative leads when you’re not around? You surely can do so by adding live chat as an option. Optimizing a live chat feature that’s available for 24*7 avails your website visitors to raise queries immediately and get a perfect solution for it on the spot, according to a survey, around 78% of the customers wouldn’t make purchase in the absence of a live chat option.
Clock’s ticking and time’s running.
So what are you waiting for? With the above listed strategies, you can generate qualitative leads and potential customers today and fuel your brand with a kick-start again. Qualitative leads mean that you can stop wasting your time on hopeless leads and invest your time on the genuinely interested ones!